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Nano Materials




a material having particles or constituents of nanoscale dimensions, or one that is produced by nanotechnology.


The construction sector has seen many recent developments in the field of nanotechnology. The chemical and physical properties of nanomaterials are intended to be widely used in the construction industry. Nanomaterials can offer significant advantages for a variety of applications, ranging from more durable and strong concrete fabrication to self-cleaning windows.


The various nanomaterials and nanocomposites are being considered for various uses in the construction and related infrastructure industries. At the nanoscale, these materials can behave differently than their counterparts at the conventional scale, which creates exciting prospects in a variety of construction applications.


Particularly in the construction sector, nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, and nanofibers offer the potential for developing much stronger, tougher and more durable structural materials, as well as new functional materials and systems.


"By 2025, more than 50 percent of building materials are expected to contain nanomaterials as more people take benefit of these lighter, stronger, and more energy efficient materials."

Bill Looney, Environment director of AECOM


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